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Enrolment Anchor
Westall 小學接受當地社區的註冊(請參閱學區信息),也歡迎來自該地區以外的家庭的註冊查詢。
如何為您的孩子註冊 Westall 小學
要為您的孩子註冊 2022 年,請下載下面的註冊表格(每個孩子一張),並將完成的表格和相關信息/文件退還給學校。 或者,請單擊下面的按鈕填寫在線註冊查詢。

There are quite a number of steps to be undertaken to enrol in a local school. To ensure that everyone makes an informed decision at Westall we follow a step-by-step process which is explained in the following document. 

If your enrolment proceeds, you can either fill out the enrolment form online below (2024 enrolments only), print and provide to the school, or complete a paper version that will be provided in your enrolment pack.

Our school endeavours to keep voluntary parent payments as low as possible. School fees are only used to purchase items that are used directly by the students.


Please follow the link to our school fees folder for further information.

International Student Enrolments

Westall Primary School is accredited under the Department of Education and Training’s CRICOS registration (CRICOS provider name and code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K). For further information refer to

Studying overseas can be a rewarding and challenging experience and we regularly receive enquiries from all over the world.

  • Experience our multicultural community!

  • New arrivals program for students with no previous education in English!

  • Learn more in From our International Student Guide

Enrolment Process for Internationals

If you are a not a permanent resident of Australia, enrolling in school can be more complicated.

Some VISA types are permitted to enrol directly at a government school. Other visa types will need to first apply to the international education division (IED), who will then manage the process.

When you enquire with the school, please let us know your VISA sub-code so that we can assist in determining what the correct process is for you.

Visa Codes that can typically enrol direct at school.

476, 482, 485, 500 (Postrad Research)


Visa Codes that typically need to enrol through

the International Education Division.

500 (Higher Education), 500 (Vocational Education), 651, 676


There are many visa types and so please let us help you by letting us know your exact VISA code when making an enquiry.

See our International Student Page for more information 

Step - by - Step Guide

There are many steps involved in enrolling from overseas. Please check our Step-By-Step guide to assist you in the process

您將在下方找到基礎信息手冊,該手冊旨在為您提供一些有用的信息,幫助您為孩子的入學做好準備。 我們希望您能花時間通讀一遍,了解我們在 Westall 小學所做的所有精彩活動。
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